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Passion in Leadership & Coaching: It comes from years of connecting with people throughout her journey. Her strength is her ability to focus on strategic intervention, which comes naturally to her.


Driven by Growth & Contribution: Vie’s approach is to lead by example. She understands how to tap into people’s top needs to harness what motivates them and shift their mindset. Clients find renewed inspiration and commitment. With a belief in giving back, she has volunteered for the Canadian Red Cross, the Canadian Scout Association, Special Olympics etc. as a team lead, chief and coach.


Launch of Vie for Life: After years in the corporate world Sylvie launched Vie for Life after obtaining certificates and diplomas in Coaching and Leadership and Management Skills with Concordia University, the Institute of Leadership and Robbins-Madanes Training Center. She is an active member of Toastmasters International “Where Leaders are Made” having served many roles including: Area Director, President, Mentor Coordinator, VP Membership and more.


Discover your blind spots

Wake up the leader within

Are you navigating your leadership journey either as an experienced leader or are you looking to awaken this part of yourself?
While many believe one needs to be a born leader, we believe otherwise.
Waking up the leader within is a gratifying experience where you will focus on what you do best.


A company’s culture and values weighs heavily in today’s marketplace. It dictates the entire business ecosystem and inspires a growth-oriented environment.

Executive Coaching

Identify your strengths, your weaknesses and your assets. In order for your business to thrive you must be a great leader. Are your top leaders communicating effectively and productively? Is the office giving a stagnant energy or perhaps inefficient results? DO YOU:
  • Get in your own way?
  • Find yourself wishing for better outcomes?
  • Lead by example?
  • Connect with your team?
Develop new skills, tools and strategies that resonate and create sustainable results. Get ready for bigger and better.

Leadership Training

Inquiry-based insightful questioning to see themselves and to solve in a whole new way.

All good leaders have great vision. All great leaders know how to energize their team as this vision is a declaration of who you are.
Mindfully wearing both hats (leader and lead) to better understand your team can up the game from your team.

Learn how to inspire others with your vision of the future. Learn how to influence and energize your team to obtain massive results. 

Mentor Coaching

A holistic approach to career development. Working with a Mentor Coach pushes you to thrive in every aspect of your life and that also includes your personal life as well. Many believe they need to know everything to be successful, but the truth is that no one knows everything, you are not alone.There is no need to feel shame if you’re looking to upgrade yourself.

Assess your belief system and acknowledge what is working and what needs attention.

Take a closer look at effective communication and tap into your communication style.

business ecosystem

inspire a growth-oriented environment

A company’s culture and values weighs heavily in today’s marketplace.
It dictates the entire business ecosystem and inspires a growth-oriented environment.

What are you doing today to sustain and grow your business?
Where is your business now?
Where will it be in 5 years?


A company’s culture and values weighs heavily in today’s marketplace. It dictates the entire business ecosystem and inspires a growth-oriented environment.

Find Your Inner Leader

Lead based on your own talent. Learn how to tap into your unique set of leadership skills and style that will inspire others. “Great leaders knows when to call on the right strength at the right time”.

Owning Your Leadership

Lead with confidence, strategies and tools. Connect to your drive, take control of your leadership and create a collaborative organization. Assume responsibility over your targets.

Wake Up Your Inner Leader

Everyone falls off track. The reasons why are endless. Learn how to get your groove back by maximizing your potential and empower yourself to become a better leader. Make a bigger impact.

Passion Projects:
Executives who Would Hire an Executive Coach Again*
Improved peer-to-peer working relationships*
it's all about the ROI

impact of executive coaching

Sylvie Bergeron for Vie for Life coaching, picture standing with striped suit and white blouse. Hands on her hip with a smile ready for her new business
Companies who experience a positive ROI from Coaching*
Increased retention of executives*


How it works (FAQ’s)

Coaching partnership varies depending on the individual’s or team’s needs and preferences therefore an assessment is required and an agreement on what success looks like upfront.

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We help you:

  • Begin with the end in mind and work to foresee the unforeseen
  • Tap into people and situations to uncover the sweet spot
  • Thrive by working with a committed team
  • Understand with certainty that without change, nothing changes




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