How it works (FAQ’s)


Coaching partnership varies depending on the individual’s or team’s needs and preferences therefore an assessment is required and an agreement on what success looks like upfront.
How it works (FAQ’s)
  • The development plans / action plan will be determined and can be recalibrated though out the partnership.
Where does the training take place?
  • Coaching sessions can take place using online conferencing software, by phone or in person.
 Who should attend Mentoring, Leadership Coaching?
  • This is intended for business owners, executives, managers and aspiring leaders who want to obtain a deeper level of self-awareness, improve performance, secure employee retention, evaluate roles and tools ensuring the right people are being assigned with the proper focus.
 How do I measure the success of the coaching?
    • Coaching is not a “one size fits all “approach however, the success can easily be measured by looking at the performance of each level between pre- and post-360 degree assessment.
    • The overview of ROI and a happy working environment


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