My “hate love” relationship with social media
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How does one navigate their mixed emotions when it comes to social media?

When I began my coaching journey, I did not know what to expect and I was both nervous and excited however, my experience has been amazing, interesting and challenging. Unfortunately, this is when my “hate love” relationship with social media began.  

Choosing my business name and designing my website were my first steps and I will admit that it was deliciously exciting. Filled with joy and unbelievable energy, my dream was unfolding right in front of me as everything felt on target.  

Building my own website was much harder than I thought it would be as not only was I working to make sure it resonated with my values, it additionally needed to remain genuine and reflect who I was.  The question I was avoiding finally needed to be answered. What niche was I going to focus on?  This was tough one as I had enough knowledge and personal experience to consider many “niches” making it difficult to choose and felt furthermore confused.

What was I good at?

What type of clients did I want to attract? Where did I feel most comfortable?

Afterall. Everywhere I looked “experts” said to zero in on one niche. I went ahead with my Robbins-Madanes training as my primary service targeting “Strategic Intervention” which felt quite flexible and open to many topics. This decision allowed me to  finally complete my website and I was ready to share it with the world.  In the industry this is called GO LIVE.  In my heart this was called OMG BREATHE.  So, I took a deep breath and pressed the “share” button and whoa, I was suddenly hit by a huge wave of nerves. 

Out of the blue, the imposter feeling came rushing in and I had to grasp for air. It felt surreal! I thought I was going to feel relieved, excited, proud but instead, I let doubt in and it interrupted the “A-Ha” moment I had long been waiting for.

Social media is entertaining but now, I had to make it about me. The pressure was progressively getting more in my head and I began to doubt everything and my mind was messy! My energy shifted as I started to feed my doubts and felt triggered by every action I took.

Eventually, the universe collided and my website crashed.  I knew I needed to step up and this is when I reached out to Dahna, of MINCmagic, who was kindly referred to me.  Together we began building a new website. We worked side by side as she dug deep in order to get to know me better. She helped me reconnect with my passion and dream and she literally became my person.  This time the GO LIVE wasn’t scary.  

But of course, there is a BUT!

Social media!!!  I had to put myself OUT THERE again.  Oh, what a headache this was and still is for me at times. From the very beginning of my launch, most of the posts I was seeing and reading were from other coaches! (The algorithms were watching me). Coaches were coming to me from every direction pushing me toward my “hate love” for social media.  

Many shared daily offers to help me make 10k per week or per day on how to attract clients, free masterclass etc etc and I felt bombarded with offers trying to connect with me to sell packages and promises. It got to a point where I questioned everything. More specifically, the approach I intended to use and with full integrity.

What I wanted seemed simple enough.

I wanted to focus my energy on what I love to do and not on how to become an expert on Facebook or other platforms.

What if……  I didn’t go ahead with these offers, courses?  Was I going to succeed? I was hating this “hate love” feeling

In speaking with my friend Aneta, she said the following: “Sylvie, just be you! Talk about you! Continue to post and share YOU!”

So here I am.

I will:

  • continue to revisit my relationship with social media
  • honor the possibilities and decide what is best for me
  • remain connected to my heart, my passion and share this amazing journey with people who come to me for healing and coaching
  • continue to look forward to every new connection and be grateful for each opportunity
  • stay committed to being me; 100% authentic and OUT THERE. 
~ Coach Vie


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