Sand and Stones
barefoot woman with blonde hair in purple dress standing at a sandy beach looking peaceful out at turquoise ocean horizontal view


The voice of reason through sand and stones!

Do we hear the voices speaking to us? 

I knew, I heard, and I chose not to listen ignoring what was going on within myself. I was so “busy”… doing busy and this had always been my rhythm. Running around juggling many things all at once and living a “busy” life multitasking, leaving traces everywhere. 

In being honest, I managed well and got things done until recently when I heard this new voice speaking to me. This inner voice spoke louder than usual but strangely, it was a voice I did not recognize which provoked me to do check-in with my life. What did I need to understand? 

Although “doing busy” evidently had meaning as I did “busy” all of my life, it became obvious that I had to understand what meaning I had been giving  being “busy”.  Perhaps, somewhere deep inside, I felt something was missing and was compensating by being busy? 

Eventually, a part of my life caught with me and sands and stones showed up. They literally came from no where but little did I know when they would leave.

I was experiencing the pain of kidney stones for the first time and WOW…

Obviously, this pushed me to a near dead STOP as all of my energy was focused on trying manage the pain which lasted seven consecutive days. I firmly believe that any.     “Dis ease” comes from a misalignment with oneself.

I also read that Kidneys are related to fear which meant that I had to get as real as possible. What was scaring me so much? Why was I storing fear inside. Being an entrepreneur comes with risks and can trigger uncertainty however, was this my truth?     

Becoming more conscious how I had been living my life, I held myself accountable and  acknowledged that change had to occur. While I am a little uncomfortable with this new challenge, new lifestyle, CRAP… who am I kidding, I am REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE but I remind myself daily to be gentle and patient with myself. Change does not happen unless you change and I know with absolute certainty that I will have many opportunities to practice the new me and with time, it will become easier.

Most times, we are forced to change because of specific situations or circomstances. I was ignoring the ongoing voice that kept telling me…slow down, breathe and even at times…STOP!!! When ignored for too long, your body will find another way to get the message across.

The truth is, we, beautiful humans tend to jump right back in our old patterns, forgetting the lesson we just received. I am grateful today as I have a much clearer vision of where I want to go, narrowing down my dreams and the new voice that came to me made darn well sure it would be heard. Our entire being /body/ mind dedicates itself 24/7 in keeping us alive and as healthy as possible. We must always be in tune and pay close attention when it speaks to us. 

As I continue to practice being more mindful, one thing is for certain, sand and stones will remain a reminder to listen to that voice and why I chose change! 




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